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Welcome to the 3COM NBX 100/SS3 area. This web page will take the "mystery" out of IP/Ethernet Telephony, and provide the end user with a basic understanding of this new "LAN Based" PBX technology for the workplace, and the benefits it provides

What is IP Telephony? It is the future of workplace telephone systems! Basically, "IP/Ethernet" based PBX systems allow you to combine your voice and data applications and technologies over a single network. For example, with traditional PBX and Electronic Key Systems, a "workstation" requires two separate cables-one for the telephone and one for the PC. With an IP/Ethernet based PBX system, such as the 3COM NBX 25/100, only one cable is required to each workstation. The telephone and computer share the same cable! Simplified, the telephone now plugs into the Ethernet LAN cable, and the PC plugs into the back of the NBX telephone. There are many benefits to this technology in addition to the reduced amount of cable required. Other benefits include LAN access for the end users to self-administer their telephones saving time and money. Also, relocating telephones and extensions are simpler and less expensive since the telephones unique extension remains with the phone should a end user need to move to a different office. The end user simply unplugs their NBX Phone, carry's it to the new location and plugs it into an existing Ethernet connection, and their phone is relocated! That's it, no programming required, no cross-connect work, no need to contact and pay for an outside contractor! CTI and Unified Messaging Applications are standard. There is also the ability to use "wireless" LAN connectivity for your telephones should the need arise. And because of its simple GUI Administration Interface, if you prefer we can arrange for you to install a 3COM NBX yourself, saving hundreds in installation charges!

For More Information Please contact Ron Athey at "athey@phoenixcom.net".


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