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     Models 10, 40, 50 & 70 (9005)   Reconditioned Systems w/Warranty   Telephones,  Parts, Installation  Service

For companies simply looking for value in a reliable digital telephone system, we offer reconditioned ROLM 9751 CBX models 10, 40,50 & 70. The ROLM 9751 (9005) is known throughout the telecom industry and business world as one of the best PBX's ever developed. The user friendly programming interface allows customers to administer their own adds, moves and changes. The PBX will support from 50 extensions to 20,000 extensions. The ROLM 9751 can be installed with similar warranties as a new product. With two product lines of telephone sets to choose from, the Rolm can be quite affordable and offer many years of reliable service. The 9005 software supports ANI (Automatic Number identification) which is a feature needed for many of today's CTI apps. It integrates easily with many of the 3rd party voice mail systems as well as ROLM's own call processing product, known as PhoneMail.

ROLM 9751 – Five Models Defined

Five modes of the 9751 CBX are available, each optimized to meet the
particular needs and capacity requirements of a given organization.

The Model 10 bring the power and applications of the 9751 CBX to
small and medium-size business in a compact, cost-effective package.
Up to 100 stations can be supported by a single modular cabinet
(single shelf) system. Cabinets two and three each supporting up to
250 stations, can be added in an integrated, stackable fashion to
bring the Model 10's capacity to 600 stations. The Model 10 is
designed to operate in standard office environments. Release 9005
supports the 9751 CBX Model Model 10 with all the single-card
interfaces and a full range of applications. The Model 10 has the
same data connectivity capability as the other 9751 CBX models, is
fully data compatible, and with the optional Data Front End Processor
II(DFE II), becomes a highly efficient system for voice and data

The Model 20 comes equipped for the immediate use of integrated voice
and data. The Model 20 (with the standard high-capacity cabinets) was
designed for organizations which require 100 to 720 stations.

The Model 40 use the standard high-capacity 9751 cabinet to support
up to 2,000 stations in a single-node configuration of up to five
cabinets. It can be easily customized and arrives on site as a "data
ready" system. The Model 40, like all other models of the 9751 CBX,
is fully digital except for any basic services which require analog

The Model 50 adds fault tolerance to the single-node offering for
organizations that require an extra level of system availability. The
9751 CBX Model 50 offers common control redundancy on one shelf and
full redundancy in the following components: shared electronics,
ROLMbus 295E, Advanced Diagnostics Processor, and Data Front End
Processor II (DRE II) Cards. Power redundancy is optional.

The Model 70 is a multi-node, fault-tolerant solution for distributed
and large installations. The Mode 70 can support more than 20,000
stations in 15 nodes. The Model 70 offers redundancy, like the Model
50, with added redundancy in the hardware supporting the multi-node
configuration: the Control Packet Network(CPN, for CPU-to-to-CPU
communications) and the internode Links (INLs, the node-to-node
links). Power redundancy is optional. Model 70 nodes may be:

Co-located: up to 200 feet with right-of-way, connected with
twinaxial INLs;
Distributed: up to 20,000 feet with right-of-way, connected with
fiber-optic INLs;
Remote: up to 50 miles, or with no right-of-way, connected using
Extended Digital Interties (XDI) over standard T1 facilities.


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