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Vodavi was founded in 1983 with the vision that the convergence of voice, data and video would become integral to effective business communications. Throughout the years, Vodavi has focused on making that vision a reality by bringing the best of these technologies, practically and affordably, to small to medium-sized, growth-oriented enterprises. By specializing in this market segment, Vodavi is able to deliver targeted solutions to customer applications, which meet their quality, reliability, flexibility, and budgetary requirements.

STARPLUS DHS "digital" key telephone systems combines performance, quality and value to provide a communications system you can count on for all your organization's needs. STARPLUS DHS systems are specifically engineered to provide growing businesses advanced technology and the ability to expand without loss of a large initial investment. STARPLUS DHS offers an affordable communication solution that fits your business needs. The basic DHS system is perfect for a small business. Starting with 3 lines and 8 stations with expandability up to 8 lines and 16 stations, or 9 lines and 24 stations. For businesses that need more lines than the basic DHS system, Vodavi 's DHS-E is ready with expanded capabilities for up to 18 lines and 48 stations. Click Here For Telephone Sample Images.

Feature Highlights

Port Gain and Pair Gain - Analog adapters generate "port gain" which provides the flexibility to split the digital channel and serve two single-line devices. Up to 46 analog units can be supported by the system using this approach. Likewise, "pair gain" solves logistical challenges when you need expansion in a location that is limited by the number of cables serving it.

Voice Over Busy - With Voice Over Busy, you can communicate with an inside party that is either on a call or using the speaker phone, without interrupting the outside party. A private voice reply can be sent via the Mute button toggle.

Interactive Soft Keys - Soft Keys located under the super-sharp LCD enable you to instantly access the most commonly used features as they are displayed on screen. For a conference call, just push the button as it appears on the display.

STARPLUS H-T-P - The STARPLUS H-T-P operation lets you program a flexible button for station users to selectively receive internal calls hands free (two-way), with a tone signal or in Privacy Mode (call announce only). Dual color LEDs and confirmation tones indicate your selection.

DISA - With DISA, callers can dial a station directly, eliminating the need to be transferred from an attendant. In addition, authorized system users can call in from any touch-tone telephone and access the system's features or outgoing lines to make outgoing calls (optional).

ADP - Analog adapter to the Additional Device Ports (ADP) on the telephones, provide flexibility and expansion when you need it. With ADP, you can connect any single-line device, such as a fax machine, cordless telephone, single line telephone, modem, voice system, answering machine or credit card verifier directly into the digital telephone 's ADP jack. Each device has a separate extension number, so you can use them simultaneously. Fax a document while talking on the phone. Verify a credit card number while the customer is still on the call.

Voice Record- Answering machine emulation - You can listen to a caller leaving a message in your voice mail box just like you would be able to with an answering machine, and pick up the call if you choose to.

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