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VoiceGate Corporation, has over 22 years experience as a provider of telephone equipment and voice processing systems to telecommunication carriers, business, industry, and government. In 1989, the company developed and introduced to the market its VIP4000 PC based voice processing platform. Today, VoiceGate's VIP4000 and related voice mail products integrate with virtually all modern business phone systems. VoiceGate markets its products globally through a growing qualified dealer network meeting strict standards of technical and commercial qualifications. Our systems are targeted at small to mid-sized installations with emphasis on simple installation, ease of use and long-term reliability.

VoiceGate technicians are trained not only in the installation and maintenance of VIP4000 and LITE voice mail systems, they are also able to offer experienced support for a wide range of the most popular business phone systems currently in service. VoiceGate technicians have at their disposal, on site, fully functional telephone systems from each of the major manufacturer's offerings.

In addition to a standard 1 year equipment warranty, all new ICS, VIP4000 and VoiceGate LITE voice mail system purchasers are protected by VoiceGate's written 30 day money back guarantee. This means that if your ICS, VIP4000 or VoiceGate LITE voice mail system fails to perform to our specifications... or your expectations... simply return it to us within 30 days and we'll gladly refund the purchase price in full. No questions asked.We guarantee it.


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